Difficult Fun has a rotating (and growing) roster of writers.

Joshua Barnes
Joshua Barnes is a writer from Melbourne whose work has appeared in The
Lifted Brow, The Point, Voiceworks and elsewhere.

Elyssia Bugg
Elyssia Bugg is a writer and critic based in Melbourne. She is fascinated by performance and the performative. Her writing on these topics has previously appeared in RealTime Magazine.

Brendan Casey
Brendan Casey is a writer and PhD student living in Melbourne

Jared Davis
Jared Davis is a writer and curator with an interest in independent music, sound culture and its politics.

Max Easton
Max Easton is a writer from Sydney. He was a regular contributor to the now defunct websites Mess + Noise and Crawlspace from 2011 – 2016, is the editor of the TEMPERED music journal and runs the record label Meatspin. He is currently writing a book-length version of his zine series on musical subverts (published by MoodWar in 2017) and plays in Sydney punk bands Basic Human and BB & The Blips.

Alex Gerrans
Alex Gerrans is a nonfiction writer from Brisbane. Her essays and reviews have featured in The Guardian, Meanjin and Overland online, among others. She tweets as @algerrans.

Triana Hernandez
Triana Hernandez is a Peruvian writer and film-maker. Her work has been published in Swampland, iD, Noisey and more.

Madeleine Laing
Madeleine Laing is a casual chef, bookseller and writer and a full-time overthinker. She grew up in Brisbane and now lives in Hobart. She has a food instagram; @itfoob which is less insufferable than most other food instagrams.

Del Lumanta
Del Lumanta is an artist, musician, dj, producer, educator and organiser based in Sydney.

Tiarney Miekus
Tiarney Miekus is a Melbourne-based writer, published by The Lifted Brow Online, Overland, un Magazine, RealTime, Art Guide Australia, Collapse Board and Swampland. She started Difficult Fun and plays in No Sister.

Lena Molnar
Lena Molnar is a musician and PhD student at RMIT. She has been locally published by Tempered, and Distort and Scum magazine. Lena is a member of the Consortium of Australian Sexual Violence Researchers. She currently plays in 100% and Bloodletter.

David Nichols
David Nichols is an academic teaching in urban planning history at the University of Melbourne. His most recent book was Dig! Australian rock and pop 1960-1985 (Verse Chorus Press, 2016) and the co-edited Cultural Sustainability in Rural Communities (Routledge, 2017).

Kelsey Oldham
Kelsey Oldham is from Western Australia but now lives in Melbourne. She is the deputy editor of Swampland magazine.

Holly Pereira
Holly Pereira is a Melbourne-based music writer. She has been featured in publications such as SwamplandBeat Magazine and The Sydney Morning Herald. 

Mitchell Ryan
Mitchell Ryan is a writer, researcher and musician based in Sydney. His work has previously appeared in TEMPERED music journal and SPLIT.

Cher Tan
Cher Tan is a freelance writer based in Naarm/Melbourne, via Kaurna country/Adelaide and Singapore. She writes mostly on tech, identity, politics and culture. Her work has appeared in The Lifted Brow, i-D, Overland, Kill Your Darlings and Swampland Magazine, amongst others. She is the author of cultural criticism food/book journal Cooking The Books and can also be found at @mxcreant.

Kimberley Thomson
Kimberley Thomson is a journalist, editor and publisher. In 2016, she co-founded Swampland, a print publication dedicated to long-form Australian music journalism and photography.

Sam Varney
Sam Varney is a musician, writer and dog wrangler living in Melbourne via Hobart. His music can be found here.

Doug Wallen
Doug Wallen is a freelance arts journalist, editor and broadcaster.

Agnes Whalan
Agnes Whalan is a Naarm based musician and artist. They are a brooder in both senses of the word: deep thinker and egg nester.